Employment Advertising


In keeping with our values and objectives, any advertising conducted by the UWA Careers and Employablity Centre on behalf of an individual or organisation will be considered according to the following principles:

  1. Advances opportunities for students
  2. Based on a spirit of mutual openness and full disclosure of information
  3. Ethical, socially & morally responsible, honest and fair, free from discrimination and providing an environment of equal opportunity
  4. Based on recognised commercial practices and market standards including:
    • compliance with relevant legislation
    • remuneration that accords with statutory wage benchmarks and the qualifications, skills and experience required to undertake the work

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions cover the advertising of graduate, vacation and casual employment opportunities by the UWA Careers Centre on behalf of individuals and organisations.

  1. It is the advertiser's/employer's responsibility to ensure all job advertisements submitted comply with the Fair Work Act, Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (Western Australia), Australian Consumer Law and the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.
  2. All advertisers must provide the following information
    • The name of the individual or organisation advertising the job vacancy
    • The name of a contact person
    • The address and phone number of the organisation, individual or contact person
    • An adequate description of the nature of the work being offered
    • For all part-time and casual vacancies, an appropriate rate of pay, or reference to a relevant award or job classification
  3. Special conditions for recruitment agencies and other third party recruiters
    • Advertisements will only be accepted from agencies with an Australian office and an ABN
    • Agencies and third party recruiters must provide the name of the client organisation to the UWA Careers and Employablity Centre, if requested to do so
    • The UWA Careers and Employablity Centre will not disclose the name of the client organisation to anyone else unless required to do so by law
    • Only genuine job vacancies are to be submitted.
    • An advertising fee may be applied for agencies that list multiple vacancies
  4. Voluntary Work
    • Preference will be given to voluntary work offered by not-for-profit and community organisations
    • The work must be of relevance to industries or professions that are available to graduates
    • There must be no cost to the student
    • All positions must comply with guidelines on internships, vocational placements and unpaid work issued by Fair Work Australia and will be subject to approval by UWA Careers Centre staff before being advertised to students
  5. UWA Careers and Employablity Centre will not accept the following advertisements:
    • Commission-only jobs
    • Independent contracting arrangements
    • "Business Opportunities"
    • Work involving any unpaid training / trial periods, or reduced pay for such periods, except where legislation or registered employment agreements makes allowances for such arrangements
    • Work involving any illegal activity
    • Any work which requires payment of non-refundable application and/or training fees, accommodation and travel costs
    • Any work which requires the person to purchase a product or service, or offer a security deposit or similar as a condition of employment
    • Any advertisement not advertising a genuine employment opportunity
  6. UWA Careers and Employablity Centre reserve the right to withdraw or refuse any advertisement where:
    • Non-compliance with these terms and conditions has occurred;
    • Misleading or incorrect information has been provided;
    • Complaints about the advertiser have been received and upheld; or
    • The job opportunity is considered to be inappropriate
  7. Complaints Policy

    In the instance that a UWA student or graduate makes a complaint about an advertiser using this service, the following procedure will apply:

    1. The complaint will be documented
    2. The advertiser will be contacted for a 'right of reply'
    3. If the complaint is upheld, the advertiser will be given a warning. Where a complaint of a very serious nature has been upheld, the advertiser may be disallowed from using the service after only one complaint.
    4. Where a second complaint is received, the advertiser may be refused any further use of the service.
    5. An advertiser will be informed, where practicable, verbally or in writing if the advertisement is withdrawn or if access to the service is refused
    6. In cases where the complaint reveals that information provided in the advertisement was false or misleading then the advertisement will be withdrawn immediately.
  8. Other information:
    • Advertisers can lodge job advertisements via the CareerHub Employer Dashboard at any time
    • All advertisements will be reviewed by staff of the UWA Careers Centre before being made available for access by students / graduates
    • Advertisements are processed Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm (WST), except for public holidays and University holidays
    • Approvals of advertisements will occur within two working days of lodgement

Further Information

For further information about these terms and conditions or to enquire about other services available contact the Careers Centre by email (careerscentre@uwa.edu.au) or phone (+61 8 6488 2258) during standard office hours.

Effective 2017, Updated 2020

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