How to advertise jobs

  1. Click Login to CareerHub and login with your username and password (if you have not registered, go to How to register)
  2. Click on Add a new job link in the side bar
  3. Complete the job details form.  All fields marked with an * must be completed.
  4. When completing the application procedures field, please state how you would like students to apply for the position i.e. application web-page, email or phone
  5. WARNING:  When adding a job, you can also add a new contact.  If you click on Adding a new contact now in the jobs details form, you will leave the Job Details screen and any unsaved data from this screen will be lost. Add the new contact when you have saved the job details prior to publishing the job.
  6. You can preview the job once saved.  After previewing (and checking the job), press continue to publish the job. Please note if any editing is required this needs to be done prior to publishing the job.
  7. All job advertisements will be reviewed by staff of the UWA Careers and Employability Centre before being made available for access by students / graduates. You will receive an email confirmation once the job is approved.
  8. Closing jobs: Go to your current jobs list and click close. 

Tips for filling in the job form:

    1. Please include your Company name with the Job Title (e.g Administrative Assistant – University of Western Australia)
    2. SUMMARY field - state who you are looking for (e.g. ‘We are seeking students in their final year of study in the disciplines of...’)
    3. Please make at least one selection in the SERVICE, DISCIPLINE and STUDENT TYPE categories. To select more than one option in the DISCIPLINE, STUDENT TYPE and SERVICE job categories, hold down the 'CTRL' key and click with the mouse.
    4. There is a 20 minute time limit to fill in the job and event forms, otherwise the information will be lost.
    5. CLOSING DATE, if not specified, will default to one month from date of entry
    6. Character limits when filling in the job form for the following fields:
      Summary – 300 characters
      Detail – 2000 characters
      Application Procedures – 1000 characters
    7. Students registered in UWA CareerHub receive fortnightly email updates alerting them to jobs and events based on their profile in the following categories: ‘SERVICE’ and ‘DISCIPLINE’.
    8. UWA CareerHub is open to former UWA students to use and is a good way to advertise jobs to recent graduates.
    9. Click on the following link for ‘Terms & Conditions’.

Contacts for assistance

UWA Careers and Employability Centre
Telephone: +61 8 6488 2258

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