UWA Careers and Employability Award- Supplementary Activities - Provider Application

UWA Careers and Employability Award - Supplementary Activities - Provider Application

The Careers Centre Careers & Employability Award program encourages students to develop their knowledge & skills through practical, real world experiences to get them ‘job ready’ by graduation. A key component is Experiential Activities; e.g. work experience, volunteering and other supplementary programs. If you wish your program to be recognised by the UWA Careers & Employability Award as a Supplementary Activity, please complete the following form.

Application Information

Before you complete this form, please check to see that your activity/program meets the registration criteria, to ensure the best chance of being included in the Supplementary Activities Guide.


  • Students required to register for the program/activity
  • The activity/ program has a formal developmental learning component
    e.g. Career Mentor Link – students attend information session, professional development sessions and complete a reflection/evaluation.
  • Students are provided with a certificate of completion or similar.
    e.g. Health Promotion Unit – Mental Health First Aid training
  • The program is not-for-credit or extra-curricular.
Please complete the checklist below to ensure your program meets the registration criteria for the Supplementary Activities component of the program
Please include a description of your program, including the program objective, the development learning components and the certification granted on completion of your program. An example program description is below.
Upload any supporting documents here.
Please give an estimate of the hours required to complete/participate in your program/activity.
Please indicate how students will be able to provide evidence of their participation as they will be required to upload documentation on a form.
Please specify a contact person for your organisation
Please include the contact details for your contact person/organisation.
Please give the web address of your organisation
Please upload an image that represents your program. It will be resized to fit, so a smaller image is preferable.